Saturday, December 4, 2021
Trommeskole Tønsberg


Yamaha (drums), Zildjian (cymbals), DW (drums) and HQ Real Feel (pad) provide excellent equipment in the school.

The school is equipped with the following equipment:

Yamaha “OAK Custom” (Silver Sparkle)
22”x 17″ Bass Drum
14”x 5,5″ Manu Katché Yamaha Brass Snare Drum
12”x 9″ Tom
13”x 10″ Tom
16”x 16″ Floor Tom

Hardware: Yamaha

Zildjian Cymbals:
14” Hi-hat K Custom Hybrid series
18” Crash K Custom Hybrid series
19” Trash Smash K Custom Hybrid series
20” Ride K Custom Hybrid series
6” Splash Avedis

DW “Mini Pro” (Maple – Royal Blue Onyx)
16”× 14″ Bass Drum
12”x 5″ Snare
10”x 6″ Tom
13”x 9″ Floor Tom

Hardware: DW

Zildjian Cymbals:
14″ Hi-hat K Custom series
6” Splash Avedis Custom
14” China Oriental China Trash
16” Effect Crash EFX
18” Dark Crash K Custom series
20” Medium Ride K Custom series

The school works with the HQ Real Feel Pads for technique, rudiments and snare solos.